Located at 119 Stonecrest Road, we have a beautiful, spacious and well-appointed clubhouse, with WiFi Internet, 55” HDTV, SmartCast compatible with enhanced cable service, new kitchen appliances, including range and microwave. Stoney Creek clubhouse is perfect for meetings, parties, wedding receptions and other social gatherings.

Steps to Renting the Clubhouse:

Step 1: Check the calendar to see if the date(s) are open.

Step 2: Send email to Clubhouse Chairperson at stoneycreekclubhouse @gmail.com requesting your rental date, time, the purpose of your event, your name, address, and contact information. Your request will be acknowledge, and if the dates are available, your reservation will be pending for 3 days giving you time to submit the contract and checks.

Step 3: Download the Rental Agreement with checklists, read thoroughly and sign.

Step 4: Mail or drop off completed Rental Agreement and checks to the clubhouse chairperson. Reservations are not firm until the signed Rental Agreement and 2 checks have been received.

Photos of the SC3 Clubhouse
Rental Agreement with checklists
Instructions for using TV
Vizo E55-E1 user’s manual
Fire Pit & BBQ Grill Addendum

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can anyone rent the clubhouse?
No, only Sugar Creek resident or persons sponsored by a Stoney Creek homeowner in good standing, who will act as the licensee by signing the rental agreement, commit to full-time attendance, agrees to be responsible for proper care and cleanup.

2. Can I rent the clubhouse whenever I want?
No, you must have a signed rental agreement on file for the date(s) that you will be renting. You may not use it just because you live in the neighborhood or know someone that does without a rental agreement.

3. Can I rent the clubhouse for a pool party?
No, the clubhouse may not be used with a pool activity or party. In other words, the HOA forbids renting the clubhouse if the renter has the intention of using the pool within the scope of their event. No wet bathing suits are allowed in the clubhouse.

4. Can I use the tennis courts for non-tennis games such as kick ball?
No, the tennis courts are for tennis and pickleball. Clubhouse renters should refer to the website for specific information about using the courts. For Sugar Creek community sponsored events, like the yearly dodge ball fund raiser tournament are acceptable exceptions.

5. If I am playing tennis can I use the restrooms at the clubhouse?
No, you must have a signed rental agreement on file to open the clubhouse. If there is a tennis match someone may rent the clubhouse for the use of the restrooms.

6. Do you charge non-profit community service groups?
No, you will not be charged a rental fee for non-profit community service event, but you do have to give a security deposit check. Within 2 weeks of your event, we will not rent the clubhouse to another paying group. However prior to the 2 weeks, if another paying group requests the date you have reserved, you will be given the option to pay the rental fee and keep your reservation or let it go. Requests for all community service events must be submitted in advance and will be presented to the clubhouse committee and Stoney Creek HOA Board for approval.

7. What does the clubhouse provide?
In addition to the furnishings shown on the pictures, we provide four 6′ long centerfold plastic tables and 24 folding chairs.

8. Can I use SCRA’s BBQ grill that is stored in the pool area?
Not at this time, maybe in the future.

9. Can I bring a Fire Pit or BBQ Grill to use?
Yes, if you have SCRA board approval. Download the Fire Pit & BBQ Grill Addendum, read thoroughly, and complete details. Email proposed location and how the fire will be contained to the Clubhouse Chairperson at stoneycreekclubhouse @gmail.com for board approval.

10. Can I use the clubhouse phone?
No, the clubhouse phone is part of the security system and is to be used only to call 911 in an emergency. It is not for personal use.

11. Can I decorate early?
You may decorate on the day you have rented. Each day is considered a rental; if you would like to use the clubhouse a day before your event, please pay for that day.

12. Can I clean up the day after my event?
Each day is considered a rental; if you would like to use the clubhouse a day after your event, please pay for that day.

For more information and questions please email the Clubhouse Chairperson at stoneycreekclubhouse@gmail.com.

By renting the Stoney Creek Clubhouse, it is your responsibility to assure the clubhouse is left in better condition than you found it. The Rental Agreement contains Checklists that need to be completed to assure the clubhouse is in proper condition for the next party renting it.

As you complete each item, please check on the line, sign and date, leave the checklists on the kitchen counter and put the keys in the lockbox. Please inform the clubhouse chairperson of any supplies which are low and need to be replaced.


Stoney Creek Recreation Association (SCRA) (aka Sugar Creek 3)
119 Stonecrest Road
Greer, SC 29650