The following gate card policies have been established by joint agreement among the three HOA's and pool committees:

Sugar Creek Resident / Owners are issued 2 cards on request.  Owners who have not previously requested cards, and new owners (within the past two years) may request cards at no charge. 

Affiliate families are issued 1 card. Sorry, but additional cards are not available. We understand that this creates some inconvenience.

Card not working? Please contact to get a solution.

Worn out cards will be replaced at no charge. You must return the card to get a replacement.

We accept requests for new (first time) and replacement cards ($10 each) online using the Pool Card Request Form   PLEASE NOTE: The form lists your currently active card or cards. If you have a card with any other number, please turn it in; it is not active for your family unless it is on the list in this form.

Cards are mailed beginning about May 15 each year and throughout the summer while pools are open. Processing takes a few days  - please be patient.

Have you lost a gate card? Let us know as soon as you can so we can deactivate the lost card.

Have you found a gate card? Please drop it in a pool mailbox: the SC1 mailbox at 103 Sugar Creek Rd, the SC2 mailbox at 101 Woody Creek Rd, or the SC3 mailbox at 119 Stonecrest Rd. We will return it to its owner.