To pay SC2 (Woody Creek) HOA dues via debit or credit Card on or before May 1, use the payment form link below. You can use a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. Sorry, no American Express. On the credit card information page, you must complete all the credit card and billing address information in order to see the SUBMIT PAYMENT button. Page may not work with some smartphone browsers.

Do not use this form to pay if you live in Sugar Creek or Stoney Creek. This form is for Woody Creek – Sugar Creek 2 residents only.
The total on or before May 1 is $750 for annual dues plus a $22.71 credit card convenience fee, total $772.71

The total after May 11 is $750 dues, $50 late fee, plus $24.20 credit card convenience fee, total $824.20

SC2 Dues Payment