The Sugar Creek I/IV sections of the neighborhood are legally split into eight different plats that were filed with Greenville County as the neighborhood was developed.  For this reason, each plat was filed with its own set of covenants.  The language is extremely similar across all plats, but there are minor variations.  To avoid causing confusion by only posting one set of covenants here, please refer to the Greenville County website for the official documents that are currently on file for your specific section.

You may access this information at:

The covenants are filed in the Deed Books, so you will need to click on the “Deeds” link at the page noted above.  To find your home on the appropriate plat, you may search the “Plats” link located at the same page.  To aid in your search, you may reference the following information:

Sugar Creek I, Map 1 – Deed Book 991, Pages 896-904 – Plat 5D-18 (Amended Plat: 7X-25)

Sugar Creek I, Map 2 – Deed Book 1036, Page 149 – Plat 4R-85 (Amended Plat: 5P-47)

Sugar Creek I, Map 3 – Deed Book 1014, Pages 417 – 425 – Plat 6H-3

Sugar Creek I, Map 4 – Deed Book 1021, Pages 445 – 453 – Plat 5D-72 (Amended Plat: 5P-33)

Sugar Creek I, Map 5 – Deed Book 1065, Pages 795 – 804 – Plat 6H-2

Sugar Creek I, Map 6 – Deed Book 1092, Page 609 – Plat 6H-63

Sugar Creek I, Map 7 – Deed Book 1098, Page 953 – Plat 7C-15

Sugar Creek IV, Map 1, Deed Book 1425, Pages 69-76 – Plat 18V-53 and 18V-54